Veterans - Temecula Valley

We want to share your story, owning a business during COVID -19

Fellow Veterans, if you own a business within our Temecula Valley, we want to share your story.  For me, the pride of serving my country is something I will always cherish.  Serving with like-minded people, giving back to my country, and supporting citizens around the world are just a few things we have in common.  I will never forget my first day in boot camp and the sense of pride during my retirement, for some discharge.     However, like all of us, I knew there was something more for me after military service. 

Now, post-military service, many of you choose to continue your service in our communities as business owners.  While on active duty, you faced challenges while completing the mission.  It was the training, networking, and resources provided that help overcome those challenges to complete the mission.  Veterans - Temecula Valley wants so share your story, post-military service, as business owners, of how your business faced the challenge of COVID-19. Your story is an automatically in Veterans - Temecula Valley's  Outstanding Community Service Honoree Award contest.