Veterans - Temecula Valley

Veterans-Temecula Valley proudly presents your 2023 theme, “Building on A Legacy of Service.” 


In recognition of their continuous service, Veterans-Temecula Valley will recognize five local Veterans as they continue “Building on A Legacy of Service” post-military service in leadership and management positions in our communities.

Your assistance makes this “Building on A Legacy” recognition possible. Join Veterans-Temecula Valley as we celebrate those who continue to serve by your nomination (s). 


To participate, send a two-page minimum write-up with your veteran (s) rank, name, branch of service, and leadership role in our communities. In your write-up, illustrate your veteran (s) contributions, impact, and positive influences as a result of their continued service to the following address:

Veterans - Temecula Valley (Attn: Michael McCracken) 27475 Ynez Rd. #394 Temecula CA. 92592 or email:

Who:   Veterans residing in Temecula, Murrieta, and Lake Elsinore                                      What: Veterans recognition                                                                                                    When:  November 2023                                                                                                        Where: To be determined                                                                                                      Why:   Recognize local Veterans for their service and community impact

Nominations for your veteran (s) are now open to the public. We are excited to hear your stories at either address above by October 31, 2023.