Veterans - Temecula Valley

Mission Statement




Veterans - Temecula Valley was established in 2005 to serve local veterans, active duty, and family-members within the Temecula Valley.  While hosting annual Tribute to Veterans – a Temecula Valley event, to recognize and acknowledge those Veterans, past, present, and future, for their service to our country and continued service to our communities.  We believe in our community, honored to acknowledge those men and women who fight for our freedom and strive to be that positive influence in the community. 

Additionally, Veterans – Temecula Valley actively seeks out those opportunities to work with local non-profits, local business, and fellow veteran organizations by co-hosting fundraisers events and observing military programs within Temecula Valley.

 As a liaison, Veterans – Temecula Valley takes pride in support of local schools, organization, and business as the logistic coordinator for deployed military personnel with letters, greeting cards, and various gestures of support.

Veterans - Temecula Valley Members


Michael "Kaizen" McCracken - Veteran

Vice President

Marc Arrmitage - Veteran

Sales McCracken - Financial Officer

Elena McCracken - Secretary

Benjie Narvaez - Treasure

Irene Rosario - Public Affairs

Miriam Armitage - Public Affairs

AM3 (AW) Rae McCracken

               ----------------------          ------------------------

             (Honorary Member) City of Temecula Founders

Lieutenant Colonel Jimmy Moore -  Army (Ret.)


Perry Peters - former President

Friends of Ronald Reagan Sports Park