Veterans - Temecula Valley

Welcome to our eight-annual Tribute to Veterans – Temecula Valley event!  The following are event summary.

This year, Veterans – Temecula Valley was proud to recognize five outstanding veterans and acknowledge these veterans in our annual Tribute to Veterans – Temecula Valley program.  In addition to our five “Outstanding Community Service Honorees,” we the following office and/or organizations were represented:  California State Senator Joel Anderson, 36th District; Azusa Pacific University – Murrieta, California Campus; University of Redlands – Temecula, three member of Temecula’s City-hood Incorporation Committee; and  United States Submarine Veterans Inc.

Our program was started with a welcome from Michael McCracken, followed by the Invocation from Perry Peters, one of three Committee-members, city of Temecula’s City-hood.  As Temecula Valley High School JROTC presented our Nations’ Colors, I watched excitedly, with anticipation of the presentation later in our program.   As a thirty-year Navy veteran, I have witnessed a great many National Anthem performances, however, I have to admit, Ms. Yzquirre performed on of the best version of the National Anthem.  Her performance brought back great memories for all, especially those in uniform – a recommended addition to any military program.


During our program, Certificates of Recognition courtesy of California State Senator Joel Anderson, 36th District Office, was presented for our five Outstanding Community Service Honorees and to those Veterans, in attendance.  In addition to award presentation for our Honorees, Veterans – Temecula Valley arranged a special presentation.  SSgt Doyle “Popeye” Tolbert was taken by surprise when TVHS JROTC marched, in perfect formation, with SSgt Tolbert’s American Flag, which was flown in Afghanistan, Camp Leatherneck, on May 27, 2013 -- Memorial Day – in SSgt Tolbert’s honor.  The great significance of this…SSgt Tolbert is part of an organization called “Veterans Without Families.”  As mentioned by SSgt Tolbert, one of their mail goals: Support the dignified burial of veterans with no families.  In one of our military most cherished ceremonies, old memories were relived, a better understanding of why we serve was received, and a stronger bond was achieved.  The level of emotion was strong as all shared in this emotional ceremony.  From those who have served, to that still service, and for the families and support groups, the true meaning of service was demonstrated and received.

         The following photos were taken prior to our eight annual event.