Veterans - Temecula Valley

From Boots to Badges
Veterans - Temecula Valley is proud to present this year's theme, "From Boots to Badges," as we continue to recognize and honor those who serve and continue to serve our great country.  
Your service to our country continues to make a positive impact; giving back to the communities we love and cherish is something not taken likely, Veterans - Temecula Valley shares your passion; we are here for you! 
For those in uniform, currently, service recently left the military or have been out for years; transitioned into a second career/job as law enforcement, medical, or any field where you carry a badge, Veterans - Temecula Valley acknowledges your continued service in our communities and beyond. 
For specifics with this year's event, email:, visit our website:
Michael "Kaizen" McCracken
Veterans - Temecula Valley

Veterans - Temecula Valley values working with like-minded organzations.  Visit our "contact us" page, we like to hear from you.