Veterans - Temecula Valley

Veterans & Civilians our Heroes in Healthcare

On behalf of Veterans - Temecula Valley, I like to each of you a Happy New Year! It is our wish this year, 2021, will be not only productive but a fun year filled with fun memories, great friendships for your respective groups or organizations.

For the past fourteen years, as tradition has it, Veterans - Temecula Valley identifies one theme for the annual Tribute to Veterans - Temecula Valley event. The theme for this year is Veterans in Healthcare. The year 2020 was challenging for so many in our communities and around the world. Corona Virus - 19 continues to place high demands on our military and civilian healthcare personnel.

If you are a veteran or civilian, know of a veteran or civilian serving in the healthcare field, we want to hear from you. Whether it was on active duty or present time, please share your story to inspire others; share your story to encourage those in need; share your story, so we have are more aware of the role you play in our communities.

For specifics, specifics:

Michael "Kaizen" McCracken

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