Veterans - Temecula Valley


Sixth Annual Tribute to Veterans - Temecula Valley Event!

Veterans and civilians alike listen  closely to an attention grabbing story of a young lady and her family's dramatic journey to America in search of freedom and Temecula Valley High School JROTC "Leading by Example" award presentation.  In attendance for our annual program was the Honorable Peg Moore, first city Council member in Temecula, Lt.Col. Jimmy Moore, U.S. Army (Ret.), President City of Temecula Incorporation committee, and Perry Peters, Vice President, City of Temecula Incorporation committee.  This year's ceremon was held in the Temecula Community Center, the location of the first City Council meeting.

Veterans honored at this year's event include the following:                                                                                                             Outstanding Community Service Honorees

Keynote Speaker Lieutenant Colonel Preston Butler Jr. (Army)

Master Chief Electrician's Mate T. Michael Bircumshaw (Navy)

Chief Hospital Corpsman Mikel Alford (Navy)

Hospital Corpsman Second Class  Mok Hwang (Navy)

Specialist Marianne Paker (Army)


 Certificates of Recongition courtesy of Califoria State Senator Joel Anderson, 36th District:

Lieutenat Colonel Preston Butler Jr. - Army

Sergeant Major Ramona Cook - Marines

Master Chief Electrician's Mate T. Michael Bircumshaw - Navy

Master Chief Hospital Corpsman Fausto Polanco - Navy

First Sergeant Carl Tyler Jr. -  Marines 

Master Sergeant Jose Reyna - Marines

Master Sergeant Kenneth Lepore - Army

Chief Information Systems Christopher Culp - Navy

Chief Hospital Corpsman Mikel Alford - Navy

Hospital Corpsman First Class Benny Flores - Navy

Hospital Corpsman First Class Maria Raya - Navy

Navy Career Counselor First Class Kylee Bolibrzuch - Navy

Hospital Corpsman Second Class Mok Hwang - Navy

Sergeant Louis Vargas - Army

Specialist Marianne Parker - Army